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Altea - La Vila Joiosa

Two of the most singular villages of the White Coast.

Altea, one of ten most beautiful villages in Spain and artists’ shelter, is still nowadays one of the most beautiful escapes of the province.

Its white houses and little paved streets compose a unique collection that have led this place to belong to the list of beautiful villages, so it can be difficult to understand the castle-fortress on which the new village was built in the XVI-XVII centuries.

Chance to visit a local artist’s studio.

Going back, passing through the amazing city of Benidorm, we will go to La Vila Joiosa, a city which was born in the XIVth century also on a fortress that was Valencia’s kingdom frontier for a time.

Its small coloured houses singularity inherited from fishing industry has favoured a unique collection that is nowadays copied by lots of historic centres of many cities.

As a result of this fishing industry had also its origin the industry this city is maybe more known for currently: chocolate.

To finish the tour, we will visit a factory where not only we can learn about chocolate’s production but taste and buy this delicious product.


From 4 to 5 hours.


English, French and Spanish

Price per person